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Design & Architectural Patterns

Design patterns are a must for every developer/designer/architect. Design patterns helps us to write extensible and maintainable code. Most of the people feel difficulty in understanding and applying design patterns because they try to remember the solutions without attempting their own thought process to solve design problems. We donot teach patterns straight-away. Instead we pose a problem to you and asking u to solve it with the knowledge you have and we identify the issues in your solution and guide you towards the best solution for the problem in hand. We focus mostly on object oriented design in this course.

In summary, we take-up the following approach to help you in understanding the beauty of software design:

  • We start from the design problem that needs to be solved
  • We discuss upon possible solutions to solve that problem, code each of them, find the positives and negatives of each design solution
  • We'll find the best design from discussion and discover the recurring contexts for applying the discovered pattern
  • Category: Product Engineering

    • Details
    • Objectives
    • Target Audience
    • Syllabus

    Technical Details

    Duration 50 Hours
    Prerequisites Must have working knowledge of any object oriented programming language
    Class Room Course Available
    Video Course Unvailable

    Upon successful completion of “Design Patterns” course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the design principles and impact of those principles in software design
  • Recognize the patterns that are applied in majority software products/frameworks
  • Apply patterns in day-to-day software development
  • Build your own software frameworks
  • Convert patterns into code
  • People under any of these following categories

  • Developers at all levels, Team Leads, Software Architects & Technical Managers
  • 1. UML Basics
  • Class Diagrams
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • Interaction Diagrams
  • 3. Creational Patterns
  • Factory Method
  • Abstract Factory
  • Builder
  • Prototype
  • Singleton
  • Practical Applications
  • Assignment
  • 5. Behavioral Patterns
  • Command
  • Mediator
  • Chain of Responsibility
  • Iterator
  • Memento
  • Observer
  • State
  • Strategy
  • Template Method
  • Interpreter
  • Visitor
  • Practical Applications
  • Assignment
  • 2. Design Principles
  • Open/Closed Principle
  • The Liskov Substitution Principle
  • Design by Contract
  • Loose Coupling & High Cohesion
  • Composition over Inheritance
  • Practical Examples
  • 4. Structural Patterns
  • Adapter
  • Bridge
  • Composite
  • Decorator
  • Façade
  • Flyweight
  • Proxy
  • Practical Applications
  • Assignment